Amber Jones, CPA
Sr. Manager

CFO team lead for a billion $ empire, Amber left her former post at CFO services team Geller to Join Wells Levitt.

CPA wielding, operational and analytic ninja, Amber began her career as an auditor at EY. While there, her clients included ING, D&B, UBS and Nasdaq. After gaining experience in all the best acronyms, she stopped at Barclay's Wealth Management, challenging their best practices for reporting that led to mission critical decision making. Then at Geller, she spearheaded the implementation of enterprise FP&A systems.

Never settling, she dove headfirst into the next chapter as a senior manager at Wells Levitt, where she has had the chance to help launch said enterprises that need advanced FP&A systems. When she isn't crushing it... she's likely crushing it.

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