Jaden Levitt
CEO, Founding Partner

Founding partner of Wells Levitt, Jaden has had the unique experience of serving as CFO for a multitude of venture backed startups, investment portfolios, high net worth families and institutional organizations.

A pre-med graduate of Duke University, Jaden started his career in the mailroom of William Morris Endeavor before launching an energy services consulting firm that helped clients like Google, Avaya, and the city of San Francisco reduce their energy consumption through efficiency and renewable generation. 

Possessing an illustrious history of building better mousetraps -- like a new department database at Endeavor to automate 50% of the work -- Jaden took C-Suite accounting, finance, and ops services and distilled them into an on-demand, shared-cost product for companies seeking an enterprise-level team on an as-needed basis for a fraction of the cost.  

Data-driven, entrepreneurial-minded and a bit of a mad scientist, Jaden works with entrepreneurs, executives, families and investors to harvest big impact ideas for the future.

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